Hughes Commercial Insurance Services, LLC
  • Our firm specializes in the insurance needs of small and medium sized businesses. We approach insurance from a risk management perspective. This means that we strive to keep your cost of insurance low while ensuring that you have the coverage you need.
  • One of our goals as we work with you on your insurance needs is to assist you in understanding insurance. We realize insurance represents a significant cost of doing business. In order for you to make informed decisions about how best to allocate your precious business capital you need to better understand what your insurance needs are. We assist you in the analysis of your business operations to help you with these decisions.

  • We specialize in writing Professional Liability insurance. These polices are technically challenging from an insurance perspective with coverage triggers that are not typical of the more common general liability policies. Professional liability policies are underwritten for all professional occupations including, Engineering, Management and Technical disciplines.
  • Every business owner knows that they need general liability insurance, workers compensation, and business personal property coverage. But how do you handle a situation where one of the majority owners is no longer able to participate in the day to day operations as a result of a serious injury or death? You buy him out. But where do the funds come from to accomplish this? We can assist you in creating a process that accomplishes this, which is known as a Buy-Sell Agreement and is typically funded by disability and term life insurance.
  • Health insurance is another major expense that business owners must bear. Today's business environment demands that most businesses offer some kind of health insurance in order to hire and keep the most valuable asset they have; their employees. We will assist you in determining the level of benefits to offer, budgeting, and plan selection. We will also provide personalized service to your employees assisting them in choosing the correct plan for themselves. Competitive quotes are provided from all the carriers so that you may choose what works best for you.
  • In today's compliance intensive business environment, business owners face a complex maze of regulations covering every aspect of their business operations. Failure to maintain compliance can result in costly litigation. Small businesses are a target for this type of litigation since most small businesses do not have a dedicated Human Resources department to ensure that they are in compliance. Your workplace is a veritable minefield with potential anti discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment issues to name a few. Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides coverage for these and other workplace infractions.